Sci Fi Day: Phase IV

This is the 2001 of ant movies! Part alien invasion part Animal Planet it has Nigel Davenport and Michael Murphy out in the desert trying to understand recent changes in ant behaviour and, in the end, find some way to communicate with them.

Director Saul Bass is best known for his revolutionary credit sequences, particularly for some of the Bond films, but here he crafts an intelligent SF film, with some amazing footage of the ants. In fact the ants are almost like characters themselves, and this is the only film I can think of where one cast member literally eats another.

 Davenport steals the acting honours, going a tad bonkers after one of the ants gives him a bite on the hand while Murphy is too emotionless, perhaps unsure what the hell it’s all about. Just what it is all about is open to interpretation but I’d love to see Bass’ original version with its trippy 2001 style ending. As it is though I’m just glad I’ve had to chance to see this again.

For a bugphobe’s perspectve read Dipa’s review here.

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